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Nowadays everyone often feels discomfort in the eyes, which is caused by a change in the qualitative composition of tears or a decrease in the production of tear fluid in the lacrimal glands. Insufficient production of tear fluid that forms on the surface of the eye tear film has optically, nutritional and protective functions, triggers a state change the cornea, which is covering eyeballs. The complex disease which has such symptoms called dry eye syndrome.


The main causes of this disease: the change of the cornea; nutrition disorders of the cornea; incomplete closure of the optic fissure or its disclosure; facial nerve paralysis; inflammation of the glands of the century; “office” syndrome; “monitor” syndrome; surgery; preparations.

There are various manifestations of dry eye syndrome. The first is intraocular foreign body that is accompanied excessive tearing. After a while appears a feeling of dryness. Also, when there is dry eye syndrome, its occurring stinging and burning. This is particularly evident in the wind, when smoke enters, etc. Additionally, you may have photophobia. It is possible to observe changes in visual acuity during the day. The most common symptom is the complete absence or partial reduction of the lacrimal meniscus. Instead of them appears conjunctivitis, which slides on the edge of the eyelid. Sometimes it may appear lumps of mucus, epithelial thread and other particles. They formed discharge from the eye, which assumes a shape of thin mucous strands. They create considerable discomfort for patients, who has dry eye syndrome. More information about symptoms and dry eye treatments you can find at vzneyecare.com.

Diagnosis of the disease includes elucidation of activity of the patient, a thorough examination of the visual organs. When symptoms of the disease are observed, then it follows functional examination, sampling to trace changes eye condition during dry eye syndrome.

The most popular and common dry eye treatments option is the use of straw — an artificial tear. They form on the surface of the eye a stable film. Every patient has his own scheme using the drops. It depends on the condition of the patient.

VZN Eye Care Clinic and highly qualified staff will provide you with professional diagnosis, advice and client-centered approach (dry eye treatments). The survey is quick. The clinic has a policy of confidentiality, so do not worry about your personal data. Address to clinic VZN Eye Care and be sure only in a successful results (dry eye treatments).


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